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Jan 24, 2014

We are recruiting now

RTS is an innovative, dynamic and youthful company dedicated to offering continuative development to its employees and Blue Chip Clients.

Our main focus is commitment to ensure we provide a competent, trained and reliable workforce to ensure our continued success in an exciting industry full of opportunity and growth potential.

Operating as a Tier One supplier to a vast array of Blue Chip Clients in both Onshore & Offshore Renewables and Wireless Telecommunication we have the path for your career from entry level to experienced engineers.

Our engineers are our assets and it is our duty to ensure that we protect individuals with the highest regard to health, safety, wellbeing and career development.  It is key to the ongoing success of RTS that we form a strong bond of commitment with our employees to continue to deliver our customers’ needs with a formidable team of professional, high calibre engineers covering a wide area of services and geography that we at RTS provide.

We see recruitment as a long term career path and do this by ensuring that the process places great emphasis on the development of prospective engineers. We want our employees to demonstrate the motivation, dedication and commitment required to uphold the reputation, drive and ambition of our company to always be the best.

All of our positions are permanent and by submitting your CV you can be assured that you will be contacted personally and added to our central CV database. We offer very competitive salary, benefits, incentive and career development packages for all positions so please email us if you want to be part of the RTS team.

Visit the recruitment section to see our current positions available